Additional Medical Coding Resource Sites

Below is a collection of links to other medical related web sites.

Medical Related Sites

AAPC - American Academy of Professional Coders provides education and certification for professional medical coders.

AHIMA - American Health Information Management Association represents health information management professionals working in the healthcare industry.

AMA - Official web site of the American Medical Association.

HPP - Health Privacy Project provides further information on health care privacy.

PAHCOM - Professional Association of Healthcare Office Managers.

SMD - Society of Medical-Dental Management Consultants is a national organization of consultants who provide services to medical and dental professionals. - In depth review of how CPT-4 codes are created, their coding categories (I-III), and CPT changes. - Learn more about the background of HCPCS, Level II codes, and HCPCS modifiers. - Review background information of ICD-9-CM, types of codes in volumes 1-3, and ICD9 changes. - Get more information on the American Dental Association and CDT dental codes. - Learn all about the new ICD-10 code sets that go into effect in 2013, and what the transition will be like.

US Government Sites

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

CMS - Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

FDA - Food and Drug Administration.

HHS - Department of Health and Human Services.

HIPAA - An excellent resource for HIPAA information.

Medicare - U.S. Government site for people with Medicare.