CPT Case Studies: Examples of Procedures and Services by AMA

The CPT experts at the AMA introduce a new publication, CPT Case Studies: Examples of Procedures and Services. Get coding tips and exclusive advice based on Medicare's claim data for the top 1,000 most reported procedure codes.
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An official authoritative reference with the CPT editorial panel-approved procedural cases

Organized like the CPT code book, this important reference delivers accurate and authoritative information with practical situations for code reporting for more than 1000 most-reported CPT codes. CPT Case Studies: Examples of Procedures and Services provides coding tips from several popular AMA CPT books in a consolidated format to help clarify, and further explain, how a code should be reported -- and for what services and/or procedures.

Here's how CPT Case Studies can help your CPT coding skills:

  • Coding tips and exclusive guidance from the AMA's CPT Editorial Panel
  • Pre-, Intra-, and post-service details deliver information on elements that would be typically performed
  • Insightful procedural illustrations of procedural elements included in these services
  • Global period information associated with each code to provide more detailed information around the reporting environment of these CPT codes
  • CPT code symbols from the CPT code book are used and displayed in each page for easy reference
  • Citations for CPT Assistant, Clinical Examples of Radiology, CPT Changes associated with each code

CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association.

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