ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 by Optum360

Compact 6" x 9" accordion format. Optum360's Xpress Coding Matrix is a logical look-up format that makes finding the right code easier! Use this coding tool to determine the most specific ICD-10-CM codes for your specialty.
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  • Item#: IFF2021
  • Edition: 2021
  • Format: 6" x 9" Accordion
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Frequently Used 2021 ICD-10-CM Codes for Your Specialty

Item # Description Price Qty
19000 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Behavioral Health $39.95
19001 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Cardiology / Cardiothoracic / Vascular $39.95
19002 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Dental / OMS $39.95
19003 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - ENT $39.95
19004 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Family Practice / Pediatrics $39.95
19005 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Gastroenterology / General Surgery $39.95
19006 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Hematology / Oncology $39.95
19007 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - OB / GYN $39.95
19008 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Ophthalmology / Optometry $39.95
19009 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Orthopedics $39.95
19010 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Physical Therapy $39.95
19011 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Podiatry $39.95
19013 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Primary Care / Internal Medicine $39.95
19012 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Post-acute Care (Skilled Nursing, Inpatient Rehab, Home Health) $39.95
19014 ICD-10-CM Fast Finder 2021 - Urology / Nephrology $39.95

The ICD-10-CM Fast Finders 2021 utilize Optum360's Xpress Coding Matrix with ICD-10-CM codes presented by specialty and updated with the 2021 valid ICD-10-CM codes. The table format is easy-to-use, maximizes the number of codes contained in the fast finder, and simplifies code selection. These convenient and reliable coding tools provide complete and valid code selections at your fingertips.

Use this coding tool to determine the most specific ICD-10-CM codes for your specialty – codes that accurately identify the patient condition and level of severity as well as support medical necessity.

Key features and benefits of this ICD10 code list:

  • Optum360 EdgeOptum Xpress Coding Matrix (designed and used exclusively by Optum360). Our easy-to-use, streamlined tables present valid code options for each condition.
  • Optum360 EdgeCompact 6” x 9” accordion format. More codes, less space in compact accordion format which provides 8-10 pages of specialty-specific codes.
  • Optum360 Edge — Alphabetically organized tables. Body systems and main diagnostic terms are organized alphabetically in tables that contain a comprehensive list of valid 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th characters.
  • Complete and comprehensive coverage by specialty. The Fast Finders provide commonly used ICD-10-CM codes for each specialty as well as a comprehensive list of valid codes within diagnostic categories for your specialty.
  • Valid codes. Updated with ICD-10-CM codes for 2021, code directly from the tables contained in the Optum360 Xpress Coding Matrix with confidence.
  • Coding Instructions. Code first, use additional code, and other coding instructions are included in the tables to ensure correct sequencing of all relevant codes.
  • Productivity tool. The logical look-up format makes finding the right code easier.
  • Convenient work flow coding tool. Rely on one at every work station.

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