Procedural Cross Coder 2019 eBook by Optum360

Electronic ebook edition. Properly link ICD-10-PCS procedure codes to appropriate CPT procedure codes and HCPCS Level II codes. Features ICD-10-PCS procedure codes listed in numerical order, with definitions for many inpatient and outpatient codes.
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  • Item#: PEPCC19
  • Edition: 2019
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  • ISBN#: 978-1-62254-486-8
  • Availability: Late December 2018
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Essential links from ICD-10-PCS procedure codes to CPT codes and HCPCS Level II

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To save time, eliminate confusion, and improve coding proficiency, turn to the Procedural Cross Coder. An ideal resource for inpatient facility coding, this all-in-one resource crosswalks ICD-10-PCS procedure codes to CPT® and HCPCS Level II codes, allowing the user to analyze data across coding systems.

Key features and benefits of this Optum360 ebook:

  • ICD-10-PCS codes listed in numeric order. ICD-10-PCS procedure codes are listed in the same numeric order sequence as your ICD-10-PCS manual to make searching quick and easy.
  • Increase coding efficiency using just one resource. Complete claims requiring ICD-10-PCS procedure codes, CPT® and HCPCS Level II codes using the same resource.
  • Find answers quickly. The glossary supplies definitions for common clinical, billing and reimbursement terminology.

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